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Business Success Strategy Webinars – Before And After COVID

Thank you for your interest in Business success strategy webinars, featuring business experts in accounting, HR, marketing, leadership and overall business strategies. Register in advance for this meeting: Why ongoing mentoring is important for your business success? First of all, congratulations on taking time to review this webinar series. As a business owner and […]

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Make Mobile Sites Great Again

We can’t think of anything more American than being able to order McDonald’s from your phone straight to your door so you don’t have to stop watching reruns of The Office. That’s a joke. We’re kidding. Putting that awful introduction aside, it’s amazing that someone is able to actually do so much straight from their […]

Bye Bye AdWords

It’s time to say goodbye to the old friend we all have in AdWords, thank it for always being there for us marketers, and say hello to Google Ads. It’s not necessarily a huge deal or anything, but Google has announced a few new changes in its advertising products. Google AdWords = Google Ads With […]

Don't Buy Likes, Kids

What sparked our interest in writing this post was hearing that Unilever announced that it was going to put a halt on working with social media influencers that have been found buying followers and likes on their channels. This problem of social media influencers collecting a massive following through malicious behaviours has grown over the […]

Net Neutrality – An Update

Over here in North America, we’re all sitting anxiously on our desk chairs and couches to see what will happen with the new laws governing how the internet will work for us in the future. Currently, these laws are affecting the United States. What’s happening? Here is the official statement released by the Federal Communications […]

Microsoft Buys GitHub

It’s a big deal. Literally. $7.5 billion is nothing to scoff at, even when Microsoft was scraping in around $90 billion in 2017. GitHub, the world’s leading development platform is currently in its latest stages of being bought by Microsoft. What is GitHub? We’ll give it to you in one sentence: GitHub is basically a […]

Why Google My Business is Important to Have

When you make a search on Google – for your favourite local ice cream shop, let’s say – what’s the first thing that you’re most likely to see? That little bit of real estate towards the right side of your screen beside the ads or organic search results is the product of what’s called Google […]

This Samsung Video Gave us Goosebumps

“Accessibility addresses discriminatory aspects related to equivalent user experience for people with disabilities, including people with age-related impairments. For the web, accessibility means that people with disabilities can perceive, understand, navigate, and interact with websites and tools, and that they can contribute equally without barriers.” This is an excerpt from the W3C website, who are […]

FINALLY, the Best Social Media Marketing Strategy

Wait, is there a “best strategy” to social media? Perhaps the answer is clickbait, as that’s what brought you here to read the first sentence of this blog post. But clickbait isn’t a reliable way to build a trust in consumers — in fact, it does the opposite. The short answer to our own question: […]